About Us

Established by fitness fanatic Marie-Christine Lee and Linda Cheng in 2008, Sport Max remains one of only a handful of truly top-tier sports training companies in Hong Kong. Since day one, our core objectives have been to holistically enhance your passion and spirit for sports while maximizing your inner power.

In delivering on our unique ‘whole body’ promise, our professional trainers will do their utmost to enable you to use sport as the engine that drives your physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing.


At Sport Max, a coach must be far more than an excellent sportsperson. He or she must strive to nurture a deep and lasting bond that will inspire you to attain your full physical and mental potential. In encouraging the ‘whole you’ to move towards excellence through physical activities, we want you to develop into an Ambassador for Sport who will both win competitions and benefit the world around you.

To discover how Sport Max can help you take the next step on your life journey, please feel free to explore the many exciting options and programs we can tailor to your individual needs.